8. Understanding the Bone Thugs

9 04 2010

Let’s get real people, nobody understands the Bone Thugs.  Eazy E discovered them and even he had no clue what they were saying.  Most of us never have to worry about interacting with Bone except for when we groove to their classics.  Well Jay Z used to see them all the time, source awards, strip clubs, you name it.  Dude was straight nervous the first time he was gonna chill with them.  I mean when you’re trying to get into the rap game in the mid 90’s you better not fuck shit up with the thuggish ruggish.  Luckily Jay is sick at contextual clues and reading body language.  He figured out most of what they were saying except for briefly thinking they were Buddhist b/c of all their buddha lover talk.  He even knew not to bring up Uncle Charlie (RIP).  They miss that dude all day.

There were unforeseen outcomes of hanging with them though.  Jay’s a NY dude, if you haven’t noticed.  And he’s also been known to hang out in VA, dribbling and participating in other, more illegal, activities.  Well needless to say he doesn’t make it out to Cleveland that often.  He seriously thought that everyone from Cleveland talked like Bone Thugs.  He was psyched about all the harmonizing, but again, worried about comprehension.  He was mad nervous to meet LeBron the first time, him being a Cleveland cat.  Luckily it’s just the rhyming fools of n’ harmony who talk like that.  Them and Bernie Kosar after a couple beers.

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