1. Curveballs

9 03 2010

Now when I say curveballs please believe that I am speaking literally.  I mean you think that Jay-Z can’t handle metaphorical curveballs?  Come on son, Jigga’s mind is lightning fast.  He adapts to situations with an unrivaled speed.  You hear his verse off [J]igga What, [J]igga Who?  That shit was the quickness.

It’s just that, well, he occasionally has difficulty reading the spin on an incoming pitch.  He ain’t Albert Pujols up in here.  He don’t go by J-Rod.  He has a hard time sometimes!  I mean, it might end up costing him a roster spot in the next Rock n’ Jock baseball game, but it ain’t no thang.  So for those of you out there who also struggle with the sneakiest of pitches, keep this in mind, S. Carter struggles as well.  Rick Rubin ain’t no pitch coach.  He’s just a beat scientist.

One love.

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